Happy Hour: The Coco Loco - Meghan Fabulous

Happy Hour: The Coco Loco

When I think of Coconuts, I immediately think of happy thoughts: white sandy beaches, warm sunshine, palm trees, tropical music and blissful Ire vi...

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Happy Hour: The Sugar Daddy - Meghan Fabulous

Happy Hour: The Sugar Daddy

Ladies! In search of a Sponsor? Gold Digging just to make ends meet? Well, I can guarantee that you will not find a Man sweeter than this Cocktail,...

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The Ayaka Tunic - Meghan Fabulous

The Ayaka Tunic

I have always been inspired by Japan and it's Culture, People, Food and Style. So it's no surprises that the Kimono holds such a special place in m...

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Ashley Fabulous Tisdale - Meghan Fabulous

Ashley Fabulous Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale is the COOLEST EVER!!!!!! Look how cute she looks in my Gina dress this week at an event! I had the pleasure of meeting her at a re-...

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Hitting Rock Bottom - Meghan Fabulous

Hitting Rock Bottom

Five years ago, I wouldn’t even be able to recognize the person I am today. I look back at the past few years- the devastation, endless struggle...

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